POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - February 3rd, 2020 – The night of guidance
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February 3rd, 2020 – The night of guidance

Come and join us !

POK® was present at the “nuit de l’orientation” in Troyes, Wednesday 29th January 2020. We were able to explain to young students looking for ideas, all our job offers, our internships, our different departments and the products we manufacture and invent.

We also discovered the “Magical Industry Tour” bus, which showcases cutting-edge technical professions. Just like in the Beatles’ song to which this bus refers: on the way to the mystery tour, they have everything you need, the mysterious and magical tour is waiting to take you … to a new job! There are six discovery sectors! It is possible to learn how to produce a part with a 3D printer, how to program a cobot or how to drive a production line (we also have mechanical cobots here in Nogent). A workshop allows you to learn how to weld or to do maintenance operations using virtual reality equipment, etc. Finally, if you want to know your aptitudes for one or the other activity, you just have to fill in the aptitude sheet for each sector and have it validated.

We would also like to draw your attention to our recent publication of innovative internship offers. These could be of interest to anyone who cannot move around easily. It is true that most of our jobs require a presence in Nogent-sur-Seine, but for the period of an internship and if the subject is well chosen, it becomes quite possible. Thanks to the optical fibre installed last year, our teams will now be able to communicate easily with the trainee by video conference. Are you looking for an internship of a few days or a few weeks? You can be in Marseille or New York, and come and discover our world, while learning a few tricks about your future job! For example, we have an internship in the purchasing department which allows you to discover new suppliers. We have another one that focuses on discovering the fire business around the world and asks you to identify potential distributors. Do you like to speak a particular language? Then you can focus on one or more countries in particular! The grounds are unlimited and you will travel from your computer! A year ago, we met young people with reduced mobility, and we researched what we could do to help them. But we also know that some people cannot travel for other reasons. These internships are exactly there to fill this gap, and to be able to occupy you according to your schedule and your desires. Like any internship, you will need an agreement from your institution.

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