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January 27th, 2020 – The dividers

A large range of dividers

With a pump outlet, the divider is used to supply several pressurized water lines.
The most commonly used dividers have 2 or 3 outlets and are equipped with quick couplings at the inlet and outlets. Dividers are usually equipped with shut-off valves on each outlet to open or close the water supply or to switch equipment. With a pump outlet, the divider is used to supply several pressurized water lines.

These dividers exist with several valve models, either ball valves, clappered valves or full water way valves. The most bulky are the full water way valves followed by the clappered valves. Dividers with full water way valves are the most expensive to build, but apart from their size they have the advantage of straight-through flow, which means less pressure drop (pressure drop).
The same applies to ball valves, which have a full passage through the fluid stream. Apart from the question of cost, what differentiates them is the slow closing of the clappered valve, thus avoiding water hammer (overpressure in the upstream pipelines), as in the case of ball valves valves, as for clappred valves, water hammer can be avoided by ensuring gradual closing, which is what the German and American fire brigades do. As for the French firemen, I have never observed them bending to close a ball valve, it is by kicking on the handle that they operate. The plastic spheres of the Americans are not resistant to this, nor even the operating handles, which is why POK® builds its handles out of die-cast aluminium alloy that does not break on impact.
These dividers are equipped with feet that maintain a horizontal position on the floor.
These feet were in the shape of an inverted truncated cone which we discovered a disadvantage; when falling on the ground the part of the foot in tact with the body of the divider can create a crack on the body leading to the explosion and the uncoupling of the foot with the body when the divider is put in water. To avoid this inconvenience POK has modified the shape of the foot to transfer the break in the middle of the foot. All of our valve dividers with a mass of more than 3.5 kilograms are equipped with this device, giving our valve divider manufacturing an excellent safety of use.
Both the inlet and the outlets of our valve manifolds are threaded, which makes it possible to attach all types of fittings with all diameters from DN20 to DN200 and two valve outlets up to five outlets. In large valve diameters, beyond DN100, the valves are equipped with reducers for smoother operation.
All these dividers are made of aluminium alloy which makes them very light. There are however some exceptions such as the US NAVY divider built in bronze, a bronze specified by the US Navy. You will find at POK a complete range to meet all your needs and ideas.


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